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Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters


This is the principle on which out Brotherhood will enter into and grow in the 21st century. Every Local Council, District, and International staff member, regardless of position, must be an organizer in spirit and action. Every member must be an organizer too. Our union and the future of our crafts are in our hands to build strong and proud. We will build them by organizing all who share our trade, pride, and skill that come with being a unionist. Organizing is not a job that comes naturally. We all need to learn the basic skills to be organizers. Those skills are rooted in interpersonal communication skills: contacting workers; listening to worker needs; persuading workers that they have rights to dignity, safety, and a good wage; and supporting workers as they develop the confidence to stand up together to demand fair standards of work and wages from their employers.

What We Stand For

Since 1881 Our Objectives Are:

• To organize all construction workers so they can have a unified voice in the workplace.
• To encourage training programs for a higher standard of skill, productivity, and quality on the job.
• To develop, improve, and enforce safe/clean working conditions.
• To cultivate friendship among workers and help improve our communities.
• To assist each other to secure employment.
• To reduce the hours of daily labor, so we can rest on the week-end.
• To secure adequate pay for our labor and establish a weekly payday.
• To promote fringe benefits containing family healthcare coverage and pension for retirement.
• To take wages out of the competition for jobs, so they are not based on who will work for less.
• To elevate moral, intellectual, and social conditions for all construction workers.

Why Organize?

We organize for Collective Bargaining Strength in an effort to influence the Construction Market, so we can negotiate a higher standard for all construction workers. Organizing enables the Union to win better wages and benefits for our membership. Then we and our families may thrive and we can retire with dignity after a career in the construction field.

Facts show Construction Market Areas where a majority of the workers are Unionized, those workers enjoy higher wages and better benefits, because Contractors must negotiate with those workers as a group. If the group controls the supply of labor, those workers are in a stronger position to establish their wage and benefits in that Market Area.

What is "Area Standard" and Why is it Important?

Area Standard is the wage and benefit package established by working carpenters. The UBC has defined area standards since it was established in 1881. In order to grow as an industry, we ALL need to protect these area standards.

How do we protect and maintain area standards?

• Use banners and flyers to notify the public when contractors don't pay Area Standard wages
• Enhance superior skills and productivity through continuous training/upgrade classes
• Maintain a professional and "can do" attitude

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