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Piledrivers and Divers Local Union 2520

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Piledrivers and Divers Local Union 2520

Alaska Piledrivers, Bridge, Dock Builders and Divers Local 2520 were granted their charter in 1955 by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Local 2520 is a statewide local, dispatching members from the Southeast Panhandle to the North Slope and all points in between. The original membership started with 25 charter members.


These are the people who work with pile-driving rigs. Usually the first workers at the construction site, they drive metal sheet piling to hold back dirt during excavations. They drive concrete and metal piling as part of the foundation system upon which skyscrapers are built, and they drive wood and concrete piling to hold up docks, wharves and bridges. Piledrivers perform piledriving, carpentry, rigging, and welding tasks on Alaska's bridges, docks, and piers. In some cases they work on off-shore oil rigs and as commercial divers involved in underwater construction. Piledrivers are also required to install heavy timbers and work with a variety of hand and portable power tools, and frequently cut, join and fasten metal construction materials using welding equipment and oxy-acetylene torches.


Commercial divers work underwater in commercial fishing, construction, inspection, search, salvage and repair. They are employed by diving contractors, fishing enterprises, shipping and marine construction companies and recreational diving services. Construction divers perform construction duties, such as welding and installing pilings or footings for piers. They also maintain these and other structures. Some divers inspect ships, plant outflows, pipelines, sluice gates, and so on. In salvage operations, divers use winches, derricks or cranes to raise sunken objects, or they may use explosives to remove obstructions and break up or re-float submerged objects.

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