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Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters - Links

UBCJA sponsored links:

• United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America - Our International UBC Website: Membership, Apprenticeship, Training, Political Action, Contractors, and Local Contacts. Also includes Member's Only Section, History, and the Carpenter Magazine.

• Helmets to Hardhats - Partnership with the US Department of Defense providing a smooth transition into construction careers for our veterans.

• UBC Millwrights - Contact a Millwright Local anywhere in the US & Canada, Questions & Answers for Employers and Contractors, More About International UBC's Millwright Training.


Alaska UBC Links:

• Carpenters Local 1243 - Servicing Carpenter needs in Interior Alaska North of the 63rd parallel. Located in Fairbanks.

• Carpenters Local 1281 - Servicing Carpenter needs in Southcentral Alaska South of the 63rd parallel. Located in Anchorage.

• Piledrivers & Divers Local 2520 - Servicing Piledriver & Diver needs statewide. Located in Anchorage.

• Northern Training Center (FCTC) - Providing Carpenter skill training north of the 63rd parallel, and Millwright skill training statewide. Located in Fairbanks.

• Piledrivers Training Center - Providing Piledriver skill training and welding certifications statewide. Located in Anchorage.

• Southern Training Center (SACTC) - Providing Carpenter skill training south of the 63rd parallel for Locals 1281 and 2247. Located in Anchorage.


Other UBC Regional Council Links of interest to our membership:

• Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters - "Getting the Job Done Together" 20,000 members belonging to all UBC crafts in the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

• Hawaii Carpenters Local 745 - "Building a Better Hawaii" We can't think of a better place to spend the winter.

• Northern California Regional Council of Carpenters - Partners in Construction- 33 Local Unions in Northern California with over 35,000 UBC members.

• Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters - Over 50,000 members in Southern California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. A tradition of quality-A tradition of strength.


Alaska Links:

• Alaska Workforce Development - State of Alaska Job Bank: Other Employment and Apprenticeship Opportunities, with links to State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

• Alaska Hire Statute - Alaska Resident Hire Employment Preference Information.

• Alaska Title 36 Prevailed Wages - Laborers & Mechanics Minimum Rates of Pay (Davis-Bacon).

• Alaska Works Partnership - Gateway to successful construction careers in Alaska.

• AGC of Alaska - Non Profit Employer Association representing both Carpenter and Piledriving Contractors.

• Millwright Employers Association, Inc - Non Profit Employer Association representing Millwright contractors on the West Coast of the US.


Other Popular Links:

• Labor Trust Services - LTS is the administrator for the merged Alaska Carpenters Trust Funds and is responsible for Health and Welfare Benefits and Pension Administration for all eligible UBC members in Alaska.

• DPA Net - Your webpage for our Defined Contribution Retirement Benefit.

• APE Piledriving Equipment - Piledriving manuals, glossaries, latest technology, products, equipment, formulas, etc.

• Union Millwrights - From a UBC Millwright member in the Pacific Northwest.

• Union Member Discount Services - Discounts to union members on everything from Insurance to Clothing.

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