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Dear Brother and Sister Carpenters,

As of May 1, 2013 Carpenters Local 2247 in Juneau, Alaska and Millwright Local 1501 in Anchorage, Alaska will be closing and the membership will be placed in Carpenters Local 1281 in Anchorage. As everyone now knows the state of Alaska is now part of the Pacific Northwest Regional Council, and all efforts are being made to improve and streamline operations in Alaska. Locals 1501 and 2247 have been closed as part of this effort. With the closing of these two Locals, the Regional Council will be moving to implement area information meetings around the state of Alaska in order to keep the members best informed of the goings on around the state, including work opportunities, and Council activities. Please be on the lookout for notification of the times and places of these area meetings.

While this may come as a bit of a shock to some, we assure you this change is in the best interest of the Locals, the Regional Council, the UBC, and most importantly, the membership. We appreciate your understanding and assistance during this transitional time.

Doug Tweedy
Executive Secretary Treasurer
Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenter

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